Smorgasbord of Snow Shots

17 02 2010

It’s been seven days since the final snowfall of Washington’s big blizzard.  Last week at this time our front porch looked like:

From the inside we saw:

The view out the back on the deck:

During the height of the blizzard, we found a poor squirrel cowering on the deck railing, looking very much in need of shelter:

The deck has a pergola over it, and the snow made an intriguing design on it:

It also made an amusing pattern on a couple of lone Black Eyed Susan stems:

We weren’t sure if we’d ever get mail again:


Fast forward seven days.  Yesterday I hiked the woodland trail adjacent to our neighborhood:

The creek that runs beside it was rather scenic:

The trail mostly has two paths running through it.  One (on the left below) is used by cross country skiers—two very narrow very straight parallel lines.  And then there’s the foot path (right, below), up to two feet wide of packed snow:

If you venture outside of that, you’re likely to sink up to your knee in snow:  (I found the limited width to be quite constraining, wonder if my stride is abnormally splayed.)

There were lots of animal footprints:

No rest for the weary on the benches:


We’re thinking about taking bets on when the last bit of snow will melt.  March?  April?  May?


Snowbound, Part II

23 12 2009

Being snowbound the last weekend before Christmas may have impacted my shopping, but I loathe going to the mall anyway.  And it gave me more time to focus on holiday gift wrapping.  Such as:

Won’t the recipients be surprised when they discover the packaging is a lot more impressive than the actual contents of the packages?

Being trapped at home also provided more time for sprucing up the holiday decor:

I even gave the cat something to look at during meal time:

And, most of my Christmas cards are out now.  This year I created a design based on a delightful co-mingling of two art forms: ancient Japanese origami (Santa Claus) and the decidedly less highbrow twisty paper stuff that I found at the Restore (his sack.)  The result:

The sentiment inside says “Great news!  We heard Santa took you off his Naughty List this year.”