A Peek at My Previous Peeps Project

19 02 2010

I still can’t get out my front door or my back door because of the snow (only escape is through the garage), but I know spring is on the way because:

  1. Store aisles are filled with plastic eggs and plastic grass.
  2. When I leave at 6:00 pm for my exercise class it’s not totally dark.
  3. It’s Peeps Diarama Contest time at the Washington Post. (Build a shoebox type display using marshmallow Peeps.)

Last year I myself entered the Post Peeps Contest.  I’m not bitter but

  1. They could have at least acknowledged my entry.
  2. My Wheel of Fortune entry celebrating Peep Sajak and Vanna Pink, er, White was WAY better than the Price is Right entry that got honorable mention.

So I AM NOT going to do another entry.  But I keep thinking about what might constitute winning entries.  Shaun White and the halfpipe?  Tai Shan the panda returns to China?  Ellen Degeneres on American Idol?  Washington buried in snow?  Balloon Boy?  Michael Jackson?  Avatar?  Tiger Woods?  John Edwards?  Jon and Kate?  Somali Pirates?  Sarah Palin?

As I said, I AM NOT going to get sucked into doing another entry.

Here are the pictures I submitted last year.

You may note that I wasn’t even above kissing up to the Post in my depiction.

Looking at the pictures reminds me that I really had fun working on it.  But, to reiterate, I will not be doing another one.

I’m feeling hungry for some marshmallows.


Snowbound, Part II

23 12 2009

Being snowbound the last weekend before Christmas may have impacted my shopping, but I loathe going to the mall anyway.  And it gave me more time to focus on holiday gift wrapping.  Such as:

Won’t the recipients be surprised when they discover the packaging is a lot more impressive than the actual contents of the packages?

Being trapped at home also provided more time for sprucing up the holiday decor:

I even gave the cat something to look at during meal time:

And, most of my Christmas cards are out now.  This year I created a design based on a delightful co-mingling of two art forms: ancient Japanese origami (Santa Claus) and the decidedly less highbrow twisty paper stuff that I found at the Restore (his sack.)  The result:

The sentiment inside says “Great news!  We heard Santa took you off his Naughty List this year.”