Food for Thought

23 06 2010

I’m not the CEO of a fortune 500 company.  I’m not an air traffic controller at a major international airport.  I’m not a brain surgeon or a police officer.

But some days I think that during a simple trip to the grocery store, I’m faced with making as many decisions as these people make on a daily basis.

For instance…

Yesterday I was shopping for three people, myself, my husband, my elder son.  We each have different favorite things.  And different tolerances for those things we’re not so crazy about.  And different attitudes about what qualifies as healthy.  And different interpretations of the food pyramid.

I had to consider what dishes I might prepare in the week ahead, and what ingredients I already had on hand for those menus.

I know two families that are facing considerable stress and could probably use a meal or two.

And then there’s the coupons.

When grocery stores started issuing shopper’s club cards, they largely eliminated the plethora of store coupons we had been inundated with.  Well, the club cards are still here, but the store coupons are back.  I had some from the newspaper as well as some that I had received in the mail.  I also had standard manufacturer’s coupons from a variety of sources.

I might add that some of these coupons are incredibly complicated regarding the purchase of multiple items in specific sizes and flavors.

And for any given product one has to decide whether the national brand is really better, or if the store brand is acceptable.  And unit pricing must be considered.  If I can get four times the cheese for twice the cost, should I buy the larger size?

I’m always annoyed that my Safeway has all the frozen foods right at the store entrance.  So that for the majority of my shopping trip, I’ve got ice cream and frozen peas melting in my cart.  Should I wait till last to get those items, making a special trip back through the store to pick it up?

And now there’s no longer just the question of paper or plastic.  Now I’ve also got to consider the eco-friendly reusable bags.

Is it any wonder that by the time I get home, I’m too tired to cook?




One response

24 06 2010

I feel the same way. Grocery shopping is exhausting, and it would take a person with an advanced architectural degree to plan meals that everyone in the household will like. I’m too tired to cook, too! And, I always forget my nifty reusable bags, and end up having to take home tons of plastic bags, because the checker gives me the stinkeye if I ask for paper. Then the plastic bags start to take over the laundry room and spill out into the kitchen. Maybe someday the store will deliver in my area…

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