Counting on the Census

7 06 2010

WordPress has a feature called Humanize wherein they take the number of visitors to your blog on any given day, and find a location in America which has that population.  I’m sure lots of people are learning about the populations of, say, Indianapolis or Denver, and even New York or Los Angeles.  I, however, am finding out about the small towns and communities of rural America.  I am charmed to find that one can still find an alternative to the craziness of urban life and it’s never quite as thrilling younger sister, suburbia.

And once I was thinking about numbers, I started pondering the various population subsets of which I am a member (and I hunted down a corresponding city/country with a roughly equivalent population):

I am one of 74,000 living alumni of the College of William and Mary. ( Ambalangoda, a beach in Sri Lanka)

I was one of 200,000 drivers on the Capital Beltway yesterday. (minimum average)(Irving, TX)

I am one of 287,137 bloggers on WordPress. (Stockton, CA)

I am one of 400,000 (estimates vary) people who have multiple sclerosis. (Raleigh, NC)

I am one of over 500,000 members of Phi Beta Kappa. (Albuquerque, NM)

I am one of 2.3 million Presbyterians in the United States (PC USA). (Latvia)



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