Dressing to the Nines

31 05 2010

I suppose the decline of my wardrobe began when I left the corporate working world.  I didn’t just suddenly get rid of all my suits, skirts and dresses.  But I didn’t replace them when either.  Gradually my closet started looking like casual Friday.

However, as long as we were dressing up for church I maintained a few half-decent things to wear.  But eventually the dress code even there softened, and now if you attend the contemporary service no one will give you a second glance even if you wear blue jeans.  So my closet looks more like kick around the house Saturday.

When I was diagnosed with MS, in a fit of rage? self-pity?  hopelessness? I got rid of all my high heels and sleeveless shirts.  The shoes because while you might embarrassed falling down while wearing flats, you would feel even more stupid if you were prancing around in heels.  And the sleeveless garments because the red spots from the injections were making me crazy.

Over time I came to decide that the arm injections happen on Sundays and Thursdays, so with some planning there are plenty of days when I can go sleeveless and be spot free.  So tank tops and the like have worked their way back into my wardrobe.

No Thanks!

But I still avoid high heels.  Common sense and a desire for comfort have won out over fashion sense.

When I discovered LeSportsac pocketbooks, my choice in handbags took a swing away from fashion as well.  Those babies are so light weight you can suddenly think you’re not carrying anything, and look down in a panic, only to see it securely hanging from your shoulder.  I now own blue, beige, and gray ones; they’re all I carry.  They may not be trendy (and unfortunately they’re not cheap), but they’re great!


Last week I was rare position when business attire was called for.  And I was reminded how much effort goes into even a single outfit.  So many things to coordinate!  Slacks, dress or skirt?  Stockings have virtually disappeared so unless you’re prepared to go barelegged better stick to pants.  Color–bold or retiring?  Or a print?  Matching shoes, handbag and belt?  Jewelry selection?  Are you prepared for the heat of the outdoors and the chill in the air conditioning?  Will you be able to walk the distance?  Pass through security checkpoints without stripping?  How will you carry necessary documents?  I’m spent before I even get out the door.




3 responses

1 06 2010
Mary Lee Maag

I once bought a pair of red -four-inch heels! Loved them….now wear nothing but flat flats. Ah comfort ! (that was before I married your dad and was soon towing 2 adorable little girls around).

2 06 2010
Mary Lee Maag

P.S. Just looked at LeSportsac on Google…interesting!

2 06 2010

Oh, I remember those corporate dress days. When we moved from Orange County to Southern Oregon, I carted with me more blazers, skirts and pants than I care to think about. And heels! I loved heels, so I moved two boxes of them with us. I have worn a dress maybe half a dozen times in the past 11 years, I’ve worn heels 4 times (weddings and a funeral), the skirts no longer fit, and the many many pairs of stockings I brought along (I bought in bulk online) no longer have any elasticity left and get used primarily to tie new trees to stakes for support. Last year when we painted the interior of the house, I cannot tell you how many bags of clothing, shoes, etc. we took to Goodwill. I still have 4 blazers (which may never get worn again), a couple of dresses (way out of style I’m sure), no skirts but a couple of dressier casual slacks. My daily uniform? Jeans, T-shirts or sweatshirts and Skechers. Comfort is a whole lot more important than fashion anymore.

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