“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”…And Now It’s Over

27 05 2010

I believe I’ve written about how happy I was that my college freshman son played on the William and Mary club baseball team this year.  How it’s the closest he’s ever come to pick-up baseball.  How the kids, who are by this time, admittedly, young adults, ran the show.

It seems somehow fitting that this particular team, as it turned out, was also the most successful team he’s ever played on.

Several weeks ago they played for their conference title.  We drove to Maryland to see a couple of the games.  The field was much nicer than what the team was accustomed to, but again, the audience consisted of a smattering of girlfriends and parents.  This time there was actually someone in charge, but just the one person.  Who was actually a grad student doing it on the side.  When he came down from the booth to snap a couple of photographs during one of the games, the scoreboard stopped getting updated.

And guess what!?  They won the tournament!

Their victory earned them a trip to the World Series of the National Club Baseball Association (Division II) in Pennsylvania last weekend.  And they actually were given the top seed, against schools such as Penn State, Rice and Northeastern.  So once exams were finished, and dorm rooms were cleaned out, they headed north.

But alas, another tournament victory was not in the cards.  But no one will say it wasn’t a great season.  Congratulations are in order!  I guess you were just waiting for us to get out of your way all along.



One response

28 05 2010
Mary Lee Maag

Yes, congrats, Wes!!!!! Can you pick yourself out in the snapshot? More sports should be like that. True enjoyment in the game.

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