The Apple of My Eye

17 05 2010

By the time I post this, my older son will have graduated from college.

It’s got me thinking about milestones in his life.

When he was in the fifth grade, he really wanted contacts to replace his glasses, which had painfully thick lenses.  The eye doctor said he was a little young, but since he was a responsible kid he recommended giving it a try.

I was sad because it meant the end of mornings when he could roll out of bed, throw on some wrinkled clothes, down a bowl of oatmeal in a half-asleep stupor, and head out the door for the bus.  All in under ten minutes.

That day marked the beginning of a morning ritual that has only grown in length. Face washing, hair gel (!?), primping, and, eventually, shaving.


This year marks the end of long summer vacations.  Not to suggest that he’s spent his summers sitting around eating Froot Loops and watching The Price is Right.  His summers have been filled with travel, research, jobs, internships, classes.  But it was always something different from the rest of the year.  A welcome respite.

As a grad student doing research on a stipend, school doesn’t end in May and begin again in September.  It’s a year round thing now.

Childhood is fleeting.




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