Pushing Up Daisies

14 05 2010

When there’s a memorial service at church we often help the family by organizing a reception for afterwards.  I’m on the list of people who are happy to contribute to these efforts.

I usually have some combination of the following three jobs:

Make cookies.  I’m no Martha Stewart, but I can whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies as well as the next guy.  If I have time, I can even pull off some iced sugar cookies.

Help with set up.  I’m not terribly artistic when it comes to arranging cookies on a tray, but I’m tremendously qualified when it comes to the first job requirement: wash your hands.

Help with clean up.  In the course of washing the big glass platters, I haven’t broken one yet.  But, as the folks at Homeland Security keep telling us, it’s not a question of if“; it’s a question of when.

This time duties got mixed up a bit.

The lady who usually does the punch is on cookie duty.

And I was assigned to do some flowers.  Three medium sized vases for the food tables and three small vases for additional tables.

(I expounded on my previous experiences with church flowers (on the delivering end) here.)

Some folks at church are very serious about their flowers.  Before people on the “flower committee” are allowed to arrange flowers for regular Sunday service, they must complete a Flower Arranging 101 class by the head of the group.  She really knows her stuff.

I’m not one of those people, and I know nothing about flower arranging, except “Don’t cut everything the same height.”  But I bought a bunch a flowers and I lined them all up and I cut them at different heights.  And when it still didn’t look right I ran out and bought lots of ferns to fill in.

Nobody would mistake them for the professionally done flowers, but they were okay.  Anyway, if they were bad enough, I’ll be sent back to cookie making, which is just fine with me.



One response

14 05 2010

When it comes to funerals, mourners appreciate any little thing that is done. To them, it doesn’t matter if the flowers or the cookies or the hot dishes are perfect. They’re just grateful to have these things taken care of so they can be with the friends and family who are there to support them. I admire you for your contributions, whatever they are. I do other things at our church, but the funeral committee is not one of my jobs. That group of people are angels in disguise.

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