Chips, Anyone?

7 05 2010

The first thing I think about when I see a bag of salty snacks is the tasty treat inside.

The second thing I think about is the research my college senior son has been working on the past three years.  It has to do with some fancy compounds and how they can be made to chemically adhere to one another.

When he describes the work to laymen like me, he always starts with the example of a snack bag that is regular plastic on the outside but has reflective aluminum material on the inside.

That’s about as far as I can follow his explanation.

Alas, after three years of fiddling with this stuff, the gig is up.  The writeup is complete.  He’s given his final oral presentation and fielded questions from discerning chemistry professors.

Starting next fall, he’ll be digging into some other interesting research project.  He’s enrolling in a west coast PhD chemistry program.

Whatever he ends up studying, I hope he has a nice analogy like the potato chip bag so I can at least pretend I have an idea about what he’s doing.



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