Size Matters

21 04 2010

I’m probably the only mom in my neighborhood  who didn’t own a minivan.  Three reasons:

  1. Mainly, I had no interest in driving anything that large.  I loved my Prism. I’m a small person and I feel comfortable in a small car.
  2. I was happy enough to ferry my progeny around, and maybe one or two other little darlings, but I didn’t want to become head chauffeur for the whole neighborhood.
  3. I never thought of myself as a van-driving soccer-mom, and if you don’t want the role, don’t act the part.

So having (finally) gotten the offspring in college, hubby and I just enjoyed our first travel adventure sans kids.  Upon arrival at our destination, we got off the plane, headed to the car rental counter, and learned that the only vehicle available to us was a brand new (eight miles on the odometer) Toyota Sienna.

It is a major minivan.

We nicknamed it The Beast.  Huge.  I told my husband if he woke up in the morning and couldn’t find me, check the minivan.  I would be sleeping there to escape his snoring.  The dashboard screen that showed what was behind you when you put the car in reverse blew me away.

I am so glad I held my “no minivan” ground all those years.




One response

22 04 2010
Mary Lee

That’s me, too…I’m nodding my head and having fond thoughts of my Bug. Sometimes I have thoughts of getting one last car….a Bug! But who’d want my Honda with its big dent in the back fender. ( that what’s behind me would be great I must admit). I just can’t get up the speed to get it fixed.

Sooo, down to dad before I go to the Volunteer Luncheon here.

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