Leaving On a Jet Plane

19 04 2010

I always said that when the last kid left for college, I’d accompany my husband on business trips.  Since last fall there have been two or three such opportunities.  But there always seemed to be a problem with his schedule–or my schedule–or the destination wasn’t so hot.

My reasons for nor accompanying him were starting to sound like excuses.

Enough with the foot-dragging!  By the time anyone reads this I will have joined him for a delightful long weekend on the coast.  So what if there’s nothing but rain in the forecast?

As part of this newly acquired live-and-let-live attitude I’m not taking any checked luggage.  (Also because I’m a cheap skate.)  The carry-on luggage I have is pretty small, but I’m determined to survive four days living out of it.

I’m harkening back to my Girl Scout days.

One pair of pants—maybe two.  (Already I’m slipping.)  One jacket/sweater.  Two pairs of shoes: sneakers and sandals.  We’re going to admit from the get go that we won’t go anywhere fancy.  (Usually we drag along the nice clothes/shoes and never wear them.)  Minimal toiletries.

And I think the hardest thing will be to go without a hair dryer.  Me with drip-dried hair is not a pretty sight.  But hotels always have hair dryers, right?

Wish me luck.



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