Old as the Hills or Spring Chicken?

16 04 2010

A friend has a college son who has struggled with a gastrointestinal issue for over a year.  Lots of pain, vomiting, exacerbated by stress.  He’s been in the hospital several times and has seen specialists at home and at school.

Finally the word came down.  He has ulcers.

(How it can be so hard to diagnose ulcers is beyond me.  But not my point.)

Here is this kid engaging in the classic study hard/party hard college mantra.  He’s cramming hard for a chemistry exam one minute, blowing off steam the next.

But he’s plagued by the disease we more often associate with balding, 50-year-old men.  Go figure.  (Maybe the age thing contributed to the diagnosis difficulty.)

My situation is the polar opposite.  When I first saw the doctor about the fluid in my ear and he prescribed Amoxicillin my reaction was, “the pink stuff I used to give me kids!”  Followed by, “you mean after 20 years this is still the best thing you’ve got going?”

Well, it didn’t work.  And neither did the Bactrin or the steroids.

So they cut a little slit in my ear drum to drain the fluid.   Which worked pretty well for about a week.

But when I went back for a check up this morning: more fluid.

So they cut the slit again but this time put a tube in.  Just like they do with toddlers who have ear infections.

I tried to pin the doctor down regarding what percentage of these things go to adults.  All he would say is that the “vast majority” are done with children.

If I have a young person’s ailment why do I feel so old?  In any case, with my newly inserted tube I’m happy to be hearing from both ears again.




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