Two Wrongs and a Right

14 04 2010

I have been rather horrified to watch the video  of a Prince George’s County police officer viciously attacking a University of Maryland student in the celebration that followed Maryland’s basketball victory over Duke.  From the video the unarmed youth doesn’t appear to be doing anything wrong.

I have also been unsettled to read about the rowdy behavior and mayhem that erupted at a James Madison University party in Harrisonburg, VA. The afternoon involved bottle throwing, dumpster fires, police in riot gear, tear gas.

Yikes! Chaos on our college campuses!

Finally, we have my kid, who lost his wallet on his campus late Monday afternoon.  Retracing his steps turned up nothing.  Darkness fell.  He was dealing with reporting it to the police, putting a hold on his bank card, arranging to get a new student ID.  And then he got an e-mail.  A guy had found it, and returned it completely intact.

Just when you think the world is spinning out of control, something happens to remind you that there are still decent people out there.



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