Is It Real or Is It…

9 04 2010

I have become rather an aficionado of tag searches for posts on decorating.  Not that I myself write much on the subject.  But I’m quite fond of running through a stream of 15 or 20 posts on what people are trying in their own homes or finding on the internet.

Maybe it’s because there’s a lot of pictures and not so much text.  (Am I really so shallow?)

In any case, the thing I’ve noticed is that, without reading a single thing, I can always immediately discern whether I’m looking at a photograph of someone’s home, or of something generated by professionals.  And that has surprised me a bit.

I know a lot of people have a good eye, a wonderful artistic sense, plenty of cash.  Why can they not produce something in their own home that looks like it came from the pages of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine?

Part of it might relate to the fact that you’ll never walk into a model home and confuse it with the real thing.  Certain things are lacking–like televisions and trash cans and piles of papers that we believe to be too important to throw in those trash cans (or, ahem, recycle bins.)

Part of it might be the photography.  Professionals have just the right lighting and very expensive cameras and related accessories.

In any case, I guess the armies of interior designers can rest easy that there is still a place for them.

One cute tip I found on a blog and am giving a whirl at my house.  Dump your Scrabble tiles on a plate or in a bowl and use them to create short, timely messages.  (My niece’s first child, a daughter, is due in May and she’s coming to visit us tomorrow.)  We have two sets of tiles because my husband and I each came into our marriage with our own childhood set.

And speaking of Scrabble, did you hear they’re changing the rules to allow proper nouns?  It created a big fiasco among Scrabble purists when the news first came out, but apparently it doesn’t apply to American Scrabble, only European Scrabble.   So don’t throw out your dictionaries yet.   Beyonce isn’t going to cut it on this side of the Atlantic.



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