7 04 2010

Assorted folks from my husband’s side of the family are converging on Northern Virginia this weekend and it’s our turn to be hosts.  So we’re doing a lunch on Saturday.  One of the attendees will be a niece who’s expecting her first baby in May.  We haven’t seen her since last summer due to a couple of ill-timed snowstorms.  (She lives in India.)

I was thinking it would be nice to have a little theme thing going on, in honor of the soon-to-be new arrival.  I decided my best bet was the old standard, tried-and-true, all things barnyard.

So I headed down into the basement to see what I could scrounge up.  These animals (they nest) were a present at my younger son’s first birthday party.  (I can’t believe I can remember that so clearly when I can’t remember what we gave him for Christmas three months ago.)

And everybody remembers the Fisher Price barnyard set.  When you open the barn door you hear a “Moo!”  Kudos to me for not losing any of those pieces, though I see the sheep has a  broken ear.

I found a pertinent puzzle.  Four pieces, just my speed.

And a few books.  The big one is by Richard Scarry.  He was one of my favorite author/illustrators from the kids’ growing up years.  (Anybody remember Goldbug, a little fellow that was hiding on pages filled with a myriad of  cute little sketches?  Sort of a Where’s Waldo for the preschool set.)

I was even able to come up with these farm-themed socks.  I know we also had a pair of gardening gloves that some industrious crafter had spiffed up by attaching a farm animal on each finger.  My digging hasn’t unearthed those gems yet.My husband gave me this cookie jar early on in our marriage.  If it has a battery, you hear an “oink” sound when you take the top off.  Diet motivator.

And finally, this cow.  I got it ages ago at the Pfaltzgraff outlet store.  A man in line with me scoffed at my selection, suggesting good-naturedly that it was a silly purchase.  Ordinarily I’d agree with him, but this cow and I have a thing going on.  It was love at first sight, and I’m still crazy about her.  You should see her wearing her Christmas bow.

I guess I really should stop this foolishness and start thinking about what I might serve these people.




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