Musings on Mail, Marketing, and Medicine

31 03 2010

So they’ve updated the way our dollars, our quarters, and our nickels look.  (Our change has changed!)  And now they’re doing away with Saturday mail delivery?  Is nothing sacred?

Speaking of the postal service….

I’m collecting the mail for my neighbors while they’re out-of-town.  I noticed that they get a lot more mail than I do.  And that the difference lies in the catalogs.  Yesterday the lady of the house got Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, Linen Source and Casual Living.  Throw in an L.L. Bean and a Restoration Hardware and I could be entertained for quite a while.

I used to get catalogs.  I never “earned” them myself, but inherited them from the previous homeowners.  After a couple of years the companies started catching on that no one at this address was going to buy anything. No more catalogs.

Maybe I’ll take a peek at my neighbor’s and it will seem like old times.

Yesterday, in addition to the mailman’s delivery, I received my once-every-three-month delivery of  Copaxone, my MS drug, from the UPS guy.  These 90 pre-filled syringes come in three boxes which occupy a combined volume of 2.98 cubic feet.  But throw in the packing material and the delivery consisted of 24.65 cubic feet of volume.  The packers divided the injections between two shipping cartons, each had a styrofoam cooler inside and within these were 14 freezer packs.  If I could think of some practical use for all the coolers, freezer packs, and shipping cartons I would be in business.

When the UPS guy comes to my door with the medicine, I always consider that most what he delivers is either stuff people have ordered from catalogs (or now, the internet), or medicine.  And I wonder if he draws any conclusions, just by looking at me, about whether I’m a catalog person or an in-need-of-medicine person.




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