Mother Knows Best

29 03 2010

The arrival of spring has reminded me of three times my mother showed great insight into the world around her:

  1. Be careful where you plant mint or it will take over your yard. This announcement came when I moved into this house eleven years ago and  she brought me some mint sprigs in a bit of dirt.  I put it in a raised bed and sure enough, in a year or so it had spread to every corner of that bed.  I didn’t find many uses for the herb, so I eradicated it before it had a chance to spread further.
  2. Father may know best about some things, but regarding plants and politics, you can't beat my mom.

    A peony is very hard to transplant. We inherited one with the house, but it was in a spot we rarely see, so my husband has always talked about moving it.  Until last year, I was always able to dissuade him.  But as part of a big shake up last fall that involved a butterfly bush, an azalea, a hydrangea and the peony, he finally had his way.  And this spring we can’t find any sign that the pretty peony ever existed.

  3. John Edwards is not to be trusted. Actually, she made this pronouncement with considerably more vitriol when Edwards was John Kerry’s running mate. From a political standpoint, her attitude was not surprising, but as she’s been a North Carolinian for some fifty years I was a little taken aback that she would have such negative feelings about someone from her own state.  Six years later, it’s pretty obvious she was absolutely right.



One response

29 03 2010
Mary Lee

Morning! You brought me a smile and a chuckle …I’m waiting for the fixer to come unclog my bathroom sink. The insight on the peony came from your grandpa Rinner. He brought me all sorts of plants for our yard….but never a peony. He loved gardening….his Victory Garden during that War was amazing. Of course, mom got the canning end which wasn’t her favorite chore but she was a good helpmate and hung in there….I guess I got that outlook from her. I was blessed with two good parents…and on the other end, two good kids!

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