Trash Talk

17 03 2010

Today is trash day in my neighborhood, meaning everybody wheels their big old garbage cans down to the street for pickup.  I noticed one can had some cute mylar helium balloons floating up from it, a couple hearts, a star, an adorable frog.  How delightful, I thought.  A little garbage day decorating is just the punch this day needed!

The more I thought about it though, the more I soured on it.  Have we become such a throwaway society that we can’t even keep our helium balloons until they start to lose their lift?  Did the balloon owners at least bid farewell to the party guests before they ushered the floating inflatables out the door?

(I’ll admit, I’m just as bad in the other direction.  My 21-year-old had heart surgery before he turned one and I still have some balloons that were given to him, squirreled away in the linen closet.)

It got me to thinking about Jerry Seinfeld’s standup routine.  He mentions how his wife’s a saver and he’s a throw-it-outer.  His point of view is that essentially everything they own is garbage.  Some stuff is just further along in its life cycle than other stuff.  Interesting perspective.



One response

17 03 2010
Mary Lee

Remember how much fun it was when people put the stuff out at the curb and we’d have a field day!!!! Then they stopped doing it :>(……ah, the good ole days.

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