…But Who’s Counting Anyway?…

26 02 2010

Got 100 on a calculus test?  Good!

“How much farther to Grandma’s house?”  “100 miles.”  Bad!

Came in 100th place in the Marine Corps Marathon?  Good! (Actually, just finishing it is great!)

Returned home from summer camp with 100 mosquito bites?  Bad!

Snacked on 100 M&M’s?  Good!  (Well, it tastes good anyway.  One of those 100 calorie cracker packages would possibly be wiser.)

Own 100 pairs of shoes?  Bad!  (Clean out your closet, Imelda!)

Celebrating your 100th birthday?  Could go either way…..


I suppose it’s standard kindergarten fare to have some activity honoring the 100th day of school.  One of my kids was tasked with bringing in an item with 100 “somethings” attached to it.  At that time, we had one of those oven-type-toys which requires you to pour colored goup into assorted bug molds, cook it, cool it, and pull out squishy, slimy bugs.  Once created, there’s not a whole lot you can do with them.  But I had the bright idea we could glue 100 of them to a painter’s cap and he could wear it to school.  Too bad I didn’t realize till the day before that the glue didn’t stick.  So that night I had to sew 100 bugs onto a painter’s cap.


100 bottles of beer on the wall….

The Hundred Years’ War  – doesn’t bode well for Iraq and Afganistan

101 Dalmationssorry, one too many


Interested in improving your photography skills?  Want to meet new people?  Ready to step out of your comfort zone?  Accept the challenge to take 100 portraits of strangers and learn their stories at the same time. Learn more about it  here.


Why the fixation on the number 100?  The kind folks at WordPress inform me that this is my 100th post.  If I had pondered last July how I would come up with 100 ideas to write about I probably never would have gotten out of the starting gate.  And yes, some of the things I’ve expounded upon would have been better off left unsaid.

But the discipline of regularly putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking) has been challenging and amazing.  It’s forced me to pay a little more attention to the world around me.  And caused me to be a little more introspective.  I’ve learned a few things about the computer.  (I’ve also been cued in to the many things I don’t know.)  The effort hasn’t done much for my photography skills.  Maybe I should take a class.  Or participate in that 100 portraits activity mentioned before.


And on an unrelated note….

  1. Some congestion in my right ear has it all clogged up, reducing my hearing in that ear to almost nothing.
  2. The latest winter storm is passing sufficiently north of us to spare us any additional snow, but the winds we are experiencing are FIERCE.  With a nod to Winnie-the-Pooh and his small friend Piglet, I’d like to report that it is a VERY BLUSTERY DAY.
  3. The glass of (calcium and Vitamin D fortified) orange juice I’m drinking really hits the spot.  I was parched.

With these three thoughts rolling around in my brain, is it any wonder I remembered this favorite joke from my childhood:

Three women meet on the street.  (I used to say they were old women.  But now they could be my age.  And I, of course, am not old.)

“Windy, isn’t it?” the first woman says.

“No, it’s Thursday,” says the second one.

The third one says, “So am I.  Let’s go have a drink.”




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