Not Another Conan O’Brien Post

29 01 2010

When an MS patient suffers mental shortcomings—general forgetfulness or perplexing confusion—she is quick to blame it on the much maligned Cog Fog, a little understood MS symptom.  Those who have not been handed a neurological disease diagnosis must use instead the more general explanation, the dreaded Senior Moment.


My husband was out-of-town last week when the final new Conan O’Brien Tonight Show episode aired.  He was, in fact, out of the country and so was unable to watch it.

When he finally got around to asking me about the show, the ensuing passage of time meant that my short-term memory was already shoving those recollections aside to make room for the new stuff.  And my long-term memory was balking at the prospect of adding those particular details to its catalog, feeling they did not merit storage in the already overcrowded files.

I was able to recall a bit from the monologue.  I remembered appearances made by Tom Hanks, Steve Carell, and Neil Young. Then I tried to tell him about the supposedly heartfelt and sincere comment O’Brien made, specifically to young people, about not being…..

And my mind went blank.  Could not think of the word.  Could not find the words to describe the word I couldn’t think of.

So I blurted out “Brian Martin.”

Brian and his wife Monica (names changed to protect the guilty) have been our friends since college days.  They’ve been married a long time and see eye to eye on such hot button issues as religion, politics, child rearing, and money.  But when it comes to a more basic personality trait they embody the epithet “Opposites attract.”  Monica is an optimistic , glass-half-full, make-lemonade person.

Her husband is not.

No sooner had I voiced his name that my husband shot back “cynical.”

To which I yelled “That’s it!”

Which got me to thinking about how you’ve got to respect a person who so perfectly embodies a trait that, regardless of what it is, they are virtually synonymous with it.  Mother Teresa and her altruism, Ken Jennings and his intelligence, Brian Martin and his cynicism. Me, I’m just a hodgepodge, a little of this, a bit of that.  Sigh…




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