Interchangeable Pieces

25 01 2010

Every morning before I get up I move my legs around to give the nerves and muscles extra help to get in gear.  Otherwise I risk collapsing in a heap en route to the bathroom.

Every night before my head hits the pillow, more important even than brushing or flossing my teeth, I take my Copaxone injection.

Between those two events, every day can be a bit of a surprise.  Sometimes I experience no multiple sclerosis symptoms at all.  But some days my fingers are numb or tingly.  Maybe my legs have hot, cold, or even deceptively wet spots.  Occasionally I’m so.. tired…I can’t….finish…my…zzz…zzzz.  When I get overheated, my underarms itch.  Sometimes my legs feel compelled to remind the rest of my body that they are still there—a very very mild electric current sensation humming along in the background.

The variety of symptoms reminds me of the ever-popular LEGO building sets, specifically LEGO people.  Lots of fun details in a figure barely an inch and a half tall!  Most noticeable are the accessories—a cape, a sword, a hat, a surfboard, a light saber.  Heads and arms can be yanked off.  Even little hands are detachable.  The two legs come off individually or as a unit.  Depending on what body part is giving me grief, grand it would be to pull out the offending appendage and replace it with something less troublesome!  And if that didn’t suit me, I could switch it out again.

Note 1: LEGO is really picky about the word LEGO.  It should be written in all capital letters and used only as an adjective.  Thus you can have LEGO bricks, LEGO sets, and LEGO people but you should never have legos (or would it be legoes—I mean LEGOES?).

Note 2: Until 2003, all LEGO people had the same bright yellow skin tones.  But the cultural diversity people got hold of them and starting that year, the people became markedly more realistic, though a little less sunny.



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