This Girl Watches “That Girl”

22 01 2010

Monday the kids packed up the car and headed back to school.

Tuesday my husband caught a cab and he’s been off on business for the rest of the week.

So it’s been just me and the cat here at the old homestead.

I wouldn’t like being single.  I would get really lonely.

But every so often a little aloneness is nice.  The chance to eat what you want.  To sleep when you want.  To behave entirely selfishly.

Before he left my husband ordered a DVD from Netflix that he knew I would like.  Remember the old television series That Girl with Marlo Thomas, which ran 1966-71?  The disk arrived the day he left, perhaps cleverly timed so I would watch it in his absence and he would be spared having to sit through all seven episodes.

Well I have been enjoying them.  She’s so charming, so wholesome, so amusing.  It’s rare indeed to find all those qualities in the same show.

The other thing I noticed is that the opening is VERY similar to the opening to the Mary Tyler Moore show, which ran from 1970 to 1977 .  A single girl footloose in the city where she’s trying to make a go of it.  A distinctive hat, which Ann Marie (“That Girl”) wears on her head and Mary (Mary Tyler Moore) heaves into the air.  “That Girl” has her own airborne prop in the opening: she flies a kite.  Anyway, I never made the connection before.

I clearly haven’t solved any of the world’s problems this week.  But I’ve enjoyed the “me time.”



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