Baby It’s Cold Outside

8 01 2010

The cold weather we’ve had for the last several days has made appropriate outerwear necessary even for the short trip down my driveway to the mailbox.  Brr!

I’m not a coffee or tea drinker, so on days like these nothing beats a cup of cocoa.  It’s a treat that engages every one of my senses:

Sight: I use my delightful red and green Christmas cup.  It’s so cheery, I’m happy to look at it even when it’s empty.  Or when it’s not Christmas.

Sound: Like a Pavlovian dog, my salivary glands spring into action when I hear the microwave DING, signifying that the milk is hot.

Touch: The heat from the cup warms my hands—and encourages me to focus on enjoying the interlude.  When I’m clasping it with both hands, I can’t be rushing about doing other things—folding the laundry, loading the dishwasher, scrolling through e-mails.  Even the crossword puzzle will have to wait.

Smell: The steam carries the chocolate aroma.  Sometimes I add a pinch of cinnamon  or a drop of vanilla for variety and that, too, smells divine.

Taste: The richness of the chocolate.  The sweetness of slightly melted marshmallow.  What could be better?



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