All in Good Time

6 01 2010

When I arrived at the grocery store I thought “What luck!  The parking lot is half empty.  With no crowds to fight this should be a breeze.”

The other thing I noticed was two vehicles jockeying for position at the front of the store.  The first was an armored car.  When I lived near Philly they had a rash of armored car robberies carried out by a chap who was armed and dangerous.  Since then I’ve never liked to be in their vicinity when money is being moved.

But it was the second vehicle, which I barely noticed, that was to impact this outing.  It was one of those small buses that transports senior citizens on various outings around the county.  For older folks in our area, it was grocery day.

At the chicken counter I just wanted to check the price of boneless breasts.  But an elderly couple was there looking at a package of chicken, Between them and their cart they were totally  blocking my access.  I hung back, then busied myself looking at lunchmeat.  After four or five minutes I wondered what more could be gleaned from a single chicken package.

Then it was on to the spice aisle.  Where I found two unrelated older people perusing the stock.  Plus me made three.  What with the three of us and assorted shopping carts it seemed we were tripping all over each other.  And they didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving.  Fine, I decided, I’ll come back later.

So that’s sort of how the whole shopping endeavor went.  The store wasn’t crowded but the people who were there were walking slowly, thinking slowly, paying slowly.

I’m more patient than most when it comes to slow shoppers.  Mostly because I tend that way myself.  Plus, I live my life in such a way that I’m not always late to something, so I’m not always pressured to move, move, move.  Also, I’m sympathetic to the challenges of living on a fixed income.  That will be me sooner rather than later.

But after a while I was thinking that in the future it might be better to delay my shopping until the senior citizens’ bus is not parked out front.



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