Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

2 01 2010

I glanced down at the kitchen table last night before I headed up to bed and suddenly felt like I was in a time warp.

I saw a pair of eyeglasses sitting there.

They were, in fact, my husband’s new spectacles.  After holding out for many years, he finally admitted a pair of reading glasses might be in order.  Though he’s not convinced he likes them, he’s giving them a try.

But when I saw them sitting there I felt as if my father-in-law, who passed away several years ago, was visiting us again.  Before he would turn in for the night, he always made a bit of a production about putting his glasses on the kitchen table so they’d be waiting for him when he got up in the morning to read the newspaper.

(It was probably a good strategy.  If I made more of a production over where I left my contact lens case, my asthma medication, my ChapStick, and my keys, I might spend considerably less time looking for them.)

Another memorable habit Granddaddy had was to sit alone in a barely lit living room as evening fell with an old-fashioned portable radio listening to All Things Considered on National Public Radio.  No matter what hoopla was going on in the rest of the house, he was content (compelled?) to listen to the long-running drive-time news broadcast.

Speaking of news broadcasts produced by NPR…

As a one time listener to Morning Edition, the morning counterpart to All Things Considered, I was surprised recently to learn that Carl Kasell is giving up his position as newscaster on that show.  He has been with the production since its beginning in 1979.  Hats off to ya, Carl!




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