Merry Christmas, Faithful Reader!

25 12 2009

M arvel at what you’ve accomplished this year.

E njoy watching your favorite Christmas show.  Charlie Brown? The Grinch?

R emember the fun of Christmas as a child.

R elax!

Y ou’re not perfect.  Forgive yourself.


C elebrate the manger birthday.

H elp a stranger.

R elish the magic of the season.

I ndulge in sweet treats that aren’t part of any healthy diet.

S ing Christmas carols—at church, with the car radio, in the shower, wherever.

T ake time to count your blessings.

M ake a road trip to look at holiday lights.

A sk for help—unloading groceries, carrying boxes, clearing the clutter,  whatever.

S leep late.




One response

25 12 2009
Mary Lee

This is so you – I loved it…. Do you remember the nativity scene you made me? Always a reminder of your love and as always you and yours are my special blessing.

Soon, Karen and Adam will pick me up and “ill eat and spend some time with them before coming back to dad. Last evening we had a good time with dad and your presents..he didn’t seem inclined to share your cookies with us but that was okay..we got a chuckle out of that. We tossed the balls back and forth and got some smiles from dad. They’d brought some little spinning tops which we all tried. And you both thought of things for him to holdand manipulate which was great…..soooo a Christmas hug and will be thinking of you and being grateful for family.

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