It’s All in the Numbers

14 12 2009

A few numbers to consider:

In 1981 I graduated from college and got married a month later.  I mark that as the beginning of my adult life.  Since then:

I’ve had one husband.

I’ve had two kids.

We’ve owned five cars: a Mustang, a Subaru, a Taurus, a Prism, and a Camry.

We’ve lived in five locales: Newport News, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Somerdale, NJ; Washington  Township; NJ; Fairfax, Va.

I’ve owned one watch.  My mother-in-law gave it to me somewhere back in my twenties and I’ve been buying new batteries and watchbands ever since.  It’s a Timex, so it keeps on ticking.

I’ve owned two ironing boards.  The first one was bought with wedding money and was wonderful, very sturdy.  Until my husband was playing with my kids and they pretended it was a surfboard, which led to the purchase of the second one.  It is much more flimsy and using it as a surfboard is out of the question.

I’ve owned three blenders.  I broke the first one, so my husband gave me number two as a Christmas present.  The third one came into my house when it was bequeathed to my son by a classmate who wasn’t returning to college.  It’s actually an amazingly nice blender, though I shudder to think of all the underage drinking it was party to in it’s first life.

I’ve had three toasters.  The first was a wedding present.  The second I bought when the first one conked out.  The third one was a donation at the Restore Thrift Shop, and I love it. (It’s a Cuisinart.)

I’ve probably had four vacuum cleaners.  I don’t know why I’m so hard on them.  But I have learned that you should never just jam the sweeper hose down the back of your couch because if you should inadvertently suck up a pencil, it’s nothing but trouble.  Also, if  it starts making horrible sounds, don’t just sweep extra fast , thinking, “I’m almost done.”  Turn the thing off and find out what’s wrong.

I’m still on my first waffle iron and electric knife.

We’ve owned two mattresses.

We’ve had two gerbils, a lizard, for which I had to buy hundreds of crickets (YUCK!), and a cat.

I wonder how many pairs of tennis shoes (walking shoes, athletic shoes, running shoes, whatever) I’ve worn out.  Lots.

We’ve bought 28 Christmas trees.  Number 28 is sitting in the garage, waiting to be ushered into the family room.  (The picture clearly shows that some of our trees were not quite ready for prime time.)

That about sums it up.



One response

14 12 2009
Mary Lee

I want to tell you about your first watch….I have a picture of you wearing it. It may have been a Timex, too! You loved it..had really wanted it and were so proud of it….you were probably 5 or 6! I’m going to see if I can find the picture and send it to you :>)

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