A Husband Test

11 12 2009

I’ve got a little unannounced challenge for my husband this evening, a test of his observation skills.  At the Restore yesterday I found a box of wooden cabinet knobs that are a perfect match for our kitchen cabinets.  So I replaced our old brass ones.  I like it!

The question is, will he notice?

My first reaction is, of course he’ll notice!  How could he not?  It jumps out at me every time I walk in the room.

But I’ve also added a little festive holiday decor (!!) to the room, to possibly confuse him.

Also, this is a man who went five days without noticing I had gotten my hair cut, at which point I finally told him.

I’ve had articles of clothing that I wore many times over many months, and one day out of the blue he’ll ask, “Is that new?”

I can vacuum the carpet after it is covered with cat hair and other assorted debris at which point, being the appreciative husband that he is, I’m certain he would say, “Nice job on the carpet,” if he were aware of the improvement.  (The vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the hallway doesn’t seem to clue him in to anything either.)

So really it could go either way.

(I must say that my own powers of observation are miserable.  Although at this point I’m not sure whether I don’t notice things or whether I just don’t remember what I’ve seen.  I’m not sure it makes any difference.  Either way, I come out looking hopelessly absent-minded.)



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