I Need an Exit Strategy

2 12 2009

While President Obama has been busy planning war strategy for Afghanistan, I find myself mixed up in a game theory exercise of my own.

The players?

1. My neurologist, Doc J

2. My ob-gyn, Doc C

The goal?

Find the right dosing of vitamin D for me.  The specifics are a little cloudy.  Doc C frets about some not-so-glowing outcomes from a couple of bone density tests.  Doc J is addressing reports linking vitamin D deficiencies and multiple sclerosis.  They both definitely want it over 50.  Maybe at least 100.  It’s apparently a moving target.  But my early readings of 10 and 16 showed definite room for improvement based on any scale.  (Since then it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.)

The strategies?

Doc J supports a slow, steady buildup.  (Think Viet Nam.)  When the whole thing started, he  recommended something like 200 IUs/day.  That got upped to maybe 600.  Last year  it was 1000.  Yesterday he told me to take 2000 IUs/day, in addition to my regular vitamin.

Doc C supports surges—short bursts of megadoses.  (Think Iraq.  And Afghanistan.)  She must own stock in the company that makes those 50,000 IU green gel caps.  First I was on one tablet  a week for  three months.  Then twice a week for three months.  I just finished 50,000 IUs a week for six months.

Neither doctor will criticize the other one’s recommendations.  But each is quick to promote his own approach.  I feel like I’m the pot in a poker game and every move involves upping the ante.

I’m certainly eager to get the results from yesterday’s blood test to see where I stand.



One response

2 12 2009
Lisa Emrich

Very funny take on the strategy. My vitamin D level was found to be extremely low (by my PCP btw) at 7.8 on that scale of 30-100 recommended.

We started with the 50,000UL green vitamin D(2) gels at 3x per week, then once a week, then every other week. Well, I could actually feel a difference when they were spread out so we went back to once a week while adding otc vitamin D(3) at 2000UL. After my levels reached 33, I added 4000UL of otc tablets daily. Haven’t tested recently but should.

Seems to be a very long climb up into that 50-100 range.

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