Positively Prehistoric

27 11 2009

I’ve found the key to breaking the “spending too much time in front of the computer” habit.

We had to loan our son our optical mouse when he arrived home from college with his laptop sans mouse.  Which sent us rooting around the basement looking for a previously retired mouse.  All we could find was one of those old ones with a ball.  I had forgotten how annoying those things were!

It’s worse than when your clicker for the car doesn’t work and you have to walk around to the passenger side to unlock the door.

It’s worse than having to get up and walk across the room to change the channel or the volume on the television.

It’s almost as bad as having to live your life without a cell phone.

And, given the inconvenience of trying to operate this computer in this positively prehistoric manner, that’s all I have to say about the matter.



One response

28 11 2009
Mary Lee

…and if your kitty chews the wire, you need a new mouse or a son-in-law to fix it!!!! Remember that picture grandmommy sent some years of a big fluffy white cat stretched out on the mouse! I wonder how it got the name “mouse” anyway?

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