What!? Another Cell Phone Story?

22 11 2009

Saturday was supposed to be an average day.

Including activities such as grocery shopping, laundry, a walk, dinner out, a Netflix movie.

No activities that I despise, but nothing to send me into the throes of ecstasy.

But first thing in the morning I realized my cell phone was not in my pocketbook.

So began the dreaded regimen of figuring out the last time I could remember having it (Thursday), all the pocketed clothing I’d worn since then (pants and jackets), where I’d been in the interim (all over Fairfax County.)  And I pondered what would have to be done if the phone didn’t turn up: buying a new one, dealing with the phone company, tolerating abuse from family members.

It’s the kind of thing that can color your whole day, really dragging you down.  So when the cashier at the grocery store forgot to take off my coupons, it felt like a disaster.

And the pile of bedsheets waiting to be washed loomed in front of me like an enormous, unscalable mountain.

But when in midafternoon I searched the car and found MY PHONE (cue the Hallelujah chorus), my day totally turned around.

Washing my kids’ sheets?  A chance to anticipate their fast-approaching arrival home for Thanksgiving.

An afternoon walk?  Instead of feeling like obligatory exercise it became a wonderful opportunity to experience the crisp air of a beautiful autumn day.

A trip to the drug store?  No drudgery there.  I found a bag of (Halloween) cookies for 19 cents!  Fabulously fresh and, with all the (admittedly orange and black) sugar sprinkled on them, you can’t even tell they’re shaped like witches hats, ghosts, and pumpkins.

Dinner out?  I wasn’t merely trying to avoid cooking!  I was relishing a date night with my husband!

And the Netflicks show?  It wasn’t just another Hugh Grant movie.  It was…well actually it was just another Hugh Grant movie.  (One of these days, Hugh, you’re going to knock one out of the park.  Keep the faith.)

The moral of the story? Experiencing some lows make us really appreciate the highs.



One response

23 11 2009
Mary Lee

Know just what you felt! When my hearing aids turned up (after much searching) and the lost SS card magically appeared etc etc, I was so delighted. (Was that really your very own laundry piled up :>)? Tks for the good reminder! As Alix Shulman wrote “amor fati”.

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