Thanks for the Memories

18 11 2009

Jury duty didn’t happen yesterday.  The website said I should check back next week to see if I’m needed then.

So I used my free time to plan my Thanksgiving menu and make a grocery list.

The turkey is a given.

My brother-in-law, a native of Louisiana, likes his rice dressing (aka dirty rice) so I’ll do that.  But my kids love the cornbread stuffing so I’ll throw together a box of Stove Top.

My niece insists on mashed potatoes but she’s in India so I’ll punt on the potatoes.

My older son loves the ubiquitous “green bean casserole,” but my mother-in-law likes her veggies without so much sauce so I’ll make some carrots too.  (I refuse to do brussels sprouts.  Yuck!)

I found a recipe for sweet potato rolls that looks promising, so I’m considering trying that, though my husband, truth be told, would probably rather have Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  For indulging me, dear, I’ll give you Crescent Rolls the next week.

My sister-in-law drinks iced tea by the gallon, so we need plenty of that.  Reminder to self: don’t forget the lemon.

I briefly considered tossing the traditional tossed salad, serving soup instead, but keeping things hot while we sip on soup seems stressful, so I’ll stick with salad.

My sister-in-law is diabetic so without exception we have  fresh fruit for dessert, along with the pie that my mother-in-law always brings.

(I should say that my sister-in-law usually does lots of the cooking but as she’s in the midst of planning the WEDDING PARTY OF THE CENTURY, I couldn’t possibly impose on her.)

So Thanksgiving at our house is really about tradition and family, not about blazing new trails or experimenting with new concoctions.  For my family, Christmas may be about “the latest and greatest”  (at least with regard to electronic gadgets on the wish lists.)  But the watchword for Thanksgiving is “tried and true.”

Though when the kids were little I did sometimes indulge my creative tendencies, as illustrated by this turkey cupcake, made possible with Fruit Roll-Ups and Nutter Butter cookies.



One response

19 11 2009
Mary Lee

Got hungry just reading..especially the green bean casserole (my favorite too , Tyler). Actually I just read it…when I got up this a.m., I discovered Tobie had chewed the wire to my mouse so I got busy catching up on my filing, paying bills, etc. When Cindy and Doug came after Tobie this evening to return him to his “mama” I told them my sad story. Somehow Doug managed to rewire the mouse! Wasn’t easy but with dad’s exacto knives and some masking tape I was back in business.

…and I loved the little cupcake…made me think of all those fantastic birthday parties you engineered.

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