Calorie Counting

13 11 2009

When we recently visited the kids at college, we were eating lunch in a booth at a diner.  I shared a bench with my husband.  He said I was surely excited to see my kids as I was constantly tapping my toes, bouncing my legs up and down, driving him slightly batty.

In fact, delight at seeing my children may have been part of the reason for my boundless activity.  But there are two additional reasons I seem to harbor a wellspring of excess energy.

First, if I sit or lie still for two long, when I get up I am so stiff.  Sometimes I just feel inflexible while other times I walk with an annoying spastic gait for a few steps trying to get the muscles in gear again.  Better to keep moving and avoid such consequences.

Second, I stumbled across a book called The Fidget Factor: The Easy Way to Burn Up to 1000 Extra Calories Every Day.  It lists, for every activity imaginable, how many calories you burn per minute based on body weight.  Consider the calories burned per minute for a 130 pound person doing the following activities:

Stretching rubber band between fingers 1.2rubberband

Surfing the internet 1.2

Twirling pencil 1.3

Gift wrapping 1.5

Sitting, tapping feet 1.9

Clearly, we’re going to need to take it up a notch if we’re going to get anywhere.

Ping Pong 4.1

Showering 4.1

Shoveling snow 6.3

Rappelling 8.3

Digging ditches 8.8

Removing slag at a steel mill 11.4

Jumping rope, 145 turns per minute, women 12.3




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