Juggling for Dummies

6 11 2009

My husband read aloud a Washington Post article at the breakfast table.  “Juggling…may hold some promise for brain regeneration among those… coping with neurological diseases where the pathways that connect how people think with how they move their bodies begin to break down.”(Nov.3,Sec.E,p.3)

Multiple sclerosis was singled out as a disease for which this finding might be significant.

“So how’s your juggling?” he asked me.

“You mean like when I juggled hosting your parents for Christmas while I was getting over the flu and assembling a trunkload of toys and you had to work all night, arriving back home just as the last present was opened?”

His eyes appeared over the top of the newspaper.

“Or the time I juggled chaperoning the kindergarten field trip to the apple orchard while I was also in charge of the Spanish club Feliz Navidad party, the event at which one of the teachers got konked in the head by an overzealous pinata poking pupil?”

He looked at me with a blank expression.

“Or the time I juggled taking Tyler to the Relay for Life camp out two counties over, picking him up in the middle of the event so he could make it to the confirmation session at the National Cathedral and then returning  him to the sleepover in pouring rain.  The next morning before I went to pick him up I discovered the water heater had broken and flooded the basement so I had to go to church for his confirmation with no hot shower.  I also had to deliver Wes to a Boy Scout Eagle award ceremony where he was to play the trumpet.  You probably don’t remember all the details because you were away at your nephew’s wedding.”

His eyes were starting to glaze over, but I was just warming up.

“Or the time I juggled picking your mom up from the car repair shop while driving a carpool to one of those band parties, and I got lost driving down around Mount Vernon and ended up going the wrong way on a one way street, and you were conveniently out-of-town?”

“Or the time Wesley got his wisdom teeth out and I was trying to get him to stay in the car while I ran in to get his medicine, but he was waking up and I was worried about him trying to stand up and wandering off….”

juggling-bean-balls“No, no, no,” he interrupted.  “You know, juggling, with three balls.”

Well, I never tried that kind of juggling, but judging from my overall athletic prowess, I wouldn’t expect I would be very successful at such an endeavor.

But he read on, “The MRIs showed an increase in white matter among the jugglers, regardless of their skill level.”

So it’s not how good you are, just that you give it a shot.  Well, then, maybe there’s hope.




One response

6 11 2009
Mary Lee

Loved it!! Am on way down to the Alz,. Unit….did you remember that dad juggled after we’d been to Callaway Gardens? Not a very good recommendation for that kind of juggling! Men cannot do the kind of juggling of which we speak!

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