Two Ring-ey Ding-ey…

4 11 2009

When my son got a new cell phone for his birthday back in July, I got one also as part of the bargain (buy one get one free).  For him, it was a minor upgrade.  For me, it was like coming out of the stone age, as the one I had used was a big ole’ honker reminiscent of the kind Jerry Seinfeld used on his television show.  Not terribly purse friendly.  For four months I’ve carried the new one and had mastered only three activities:

  1. Answer a call
  2. Place a call
  3. View voice mail when prompted.

Today I finally sat down with the manual and learned to do things that people born after 1960 can do automatically.  (I think they’re born with a new technology gene.)  Namely:

  1. Access my voice mail without being promptedcell_phone
  2. Access my voice mail from another phone (cool!)
  3. Adjust the volume
  4. Change my ringtone
  5. Take, store and erase pictures.

I feel so empowered.  Now, on to texting.



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