To Read or Not To Read: That Is the Question

22 10 2009

I’m a daily comic section reader.  Everybody has his own favorites.  For me, the ones I read enthusiastically and enjoy, or at least relate to, include Pickles, Red and Rover, Sally Forth, Zits, Baby Blues, Speed Bump, Frank and Ernest and Close to Home.

Comic SectionThere are some strips  that I’ve never even been tempted to read, mostly the serial ones like The Amazing Spiderman, Mark Trail, and Judge Parker.  Also Brewster Rockit: Space Guy.

Then there are the comics that the Post, in its infinite wisdom, stopped running so I don’t have a choice.  Things like Cathy, For Better or For Worse, Wizard of Id and B.C.

But my problem comes with stuff I’m in the habit of reading but really don’t enjoy.  Such as Garfield, Mother Goose and Grim, Beetle Bailey, and Sherman’s Lagoon.  I can’t remember the last time any of those had what I considered to be a clever, humorous, witty, or innovative thought.  And yet, as I scan the page, I can’t force myself to skip over them, lest I miss the one installation that’s finally going to be funny.  My mind tells me it’s just 10, maybe 15 seconds per strip.  I’d be crazy not to invest the time.  So on I go,  reading the drivel, hoping to be entertained. Over a lifetime, how much time have I wasted?

Old habits die hard.




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