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19 10 2009

#1  How much do you love your neuro?

Many people travel great distances to get to their neurologist’s office.  Driving three hours or more is common.  My neurologist’s office is five minutes from my house, though I have to add in an extra 20 minutes to find parking.  In a pinch, I could walk there (though it would be a pedestrian nightmare.)

#2  What’s your favorite holiday?

Lots of people take injection holidays, some with their doctor’s blessings.  I don’t, either because it’s a slippery slope and I’m afraid to go there, or I’m just too much of a rule follower.

#3  Where to poke today?

People have a variety of schemes for rotating injection sites.  My routine is an adaptation of the following:  Left side of the calendar (Sun, Mon, Tue), left side of the body (arm, thigh, rear). Middle of the week (Wednesday), middle of the body (stomach).  Right side of the calendar (Thurs, Fri, Sat), right side of the body (arm, thigh, rear).

Weekly variations within those sites:  High on the calendar, high on the site.  Low on the calendar, low on the site.  I liked this because it I didn’t have to remember anything from one day to the next.  I just have to know where I am on the calendar.

My least favorite suggestion: Get out your Sharpie fine point marker.  Wrap a piece of foam around the appropriate body part and mark the specific site with a circle and a date. Avoid that spot till the foam is full.


What percentage of people have what they believe to be a valid MS diagnosis and choose to use no DMD (disease modifying drug) at all?

Of those using a DMD, what percentage is on each of the following: Betaseron, Rebif, Avonex, Copaxone, and Tysabri?



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