“We’ll Need to Draw Some Blood…”

16 10 2009

There are plenty of places that provide helpful hints for people with MS.  They address the challenges of fighting off fatigue, handling the heat, dealing with doctors, checking off chores, and surviving the spinal tap.  I have finally come up with a  suggestion of my own.  Drum roll, please.

When the doctor announces you need a blood test (liver issues? neutralizing antibodies? vitamin D levels? etc.), take the band-aid off as soon as the bleeding stops.  Don’t just roll down your sleeve quickly and move on.  Because if you  leave it on, tonight when you get ready for bed you’re going to see the darn thing there and you’ll replay the whole ordeal in your mind.Bandaid

You’ll remember the terrible traffic you had to negotiate to get to the place.  You’ll recall how long you sat in the waiting room, listening to the woman next to you describe via cell phone her daughter’s cold symptoms, with excruciating details about her nasal discharge.  You’ll remember how the first girl who tried to draw blood was surely a new graduate from hematology school who, after four tries, surrendered and got the other gal to prick you.  Thank goodness she hit pay dirt on her first try!

Then you may start thinking about the possible outcomes from this blood test, and how that might impact your medical future, starting with your daily drug regimen.  After reliving all that, don’t count on drifting off to dreamland in a state of peaceful relaxation.

Whereas if there’s nothing to see (that’s also assuming you don’t have a brilliant purple bruise emanating from the crook in your arm) you’ll just get right in bed with nary a thought of the travails you went through earlier in the day.  (Maybe.)  Instead, you can think about that delightful e-mail you got from your old college roommate.  Or how tasty the tacos were at dinner.  Or that funny one-liner Jay Leno had about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With those delightful images on your mind, falling asleep will be as easy as falling off a log.  Unless of course your husband is sawing logs, snoring loudly enough to wake the dead.  In that department, I have no words of wisdom.  Anybody else got any ideas?



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