Small Thoughts About Small Things

12 10 2009

Maybe my  petiteness explains my fascination with small stuff.  I like things that are diminutive by definition (cookie cutters, refrigerator magnets, game pieces, Christmas ornaments).  And things that are miniature models of bigger things.

Combine that with the pack rat gene I inherited from my Dad, and the result is a house with lots of itty-bitty odds and ends squirreled away in various nooks and crannies.

When my husband rescued an old wooden Coke bottle crate from his parents’ basement, I liked it because of its age and its authenticity (as I recall, the slogan said “Coke: It’s the Real Thing”) but I didn’t see any real application for it, so it languished in our basement for a while.

Last Christmas I realized I could fill the compartments with some of our smaller ornaments.  That would save them from getting lost on the tree.  Also I liked the ease of just sticking them in the partitions as opposed to messing with all the hooks.  To quote Martha Stewart, it was a good thing.

When Christmas was over I gradually transformed the box from a Christmas display to a more generic display, with a slight emphasis on kids’ playthings.  So this is how it looks today:

Coke_crateLast week at the thrift shop I hit the mother lode.  One of those old wooden printer’s block trays that once held letters, etc.  I snatched it up and have been scouring the recesses of my house to locate appropriate items to fill the spaces.  It’s a work in progress.  This is what I’ve come up with so far:

Printer_trayIncluded in the mix is:

An old pencil from one of my sons.  He used to pride himself on using his pencils till they were VERY SHORT, and saving all the stubs.  I would venture to guess that he, like me, inherited the aforementioned pack rat gene.

An eye dropper from my one of my other son’s assorted chemistry sets.  (He’s a chemistry major now.)

One of the Fisher Price Little People.  We had names for all of them.  If memory serves (which it probably doesn’t) this is Fred.

The candlestick and revolver from Clue, my husband’s favorite board game of all time.  Play with him at your own risk.  He’s insufferable.

Keys from our old house in New Jersey.   Wonder if the new owners ever changed the locks.

A bag of M&M’s I picked up when “they” (?) were making a B movie at the pond across the street from our house.  Neighbors were invited to help themselves at their commissary table as we watched the action (or lack thereof).

A corn on the cob handle.  A source of some disagreement in our family.  My husband refuses to use them.  They seems to threaten his manhood.  I, of course, insist that’s ridiculous.  The boys are conflicted….

Wine corks from some romantic meal that I no doubt wanted to remember forever, but which, alas, I have totally forgotten.

Several Trivial Pursuit question cards.  Q: What’s a funambulist? A: A tightrope walker.

Teddy bear shaped soap we brought back from our hotel at Disney World.  It falls under the category “Cheap Souvenir.”

Et cetera et cetera et cetera.



One response

13 10 2009
Mary Lee

Loved looking at all your little things. Some, I think I recognize! Tho I’m not particularly petite, I love little things, too – for one , a 1968 Bug! Now, long gone.

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