More Than Meets the Eye

24 08 2009

It’s not just about the milk or the washing machine:

Realization  #1:  Milking the issue

milkI stopped to buy milk the day before we were to drive my son to begin his freshman year at college.  When I reached into the dairy case, I suddenly found myself fighting back tears.  My standard two gallon purchase was going to be way too much.  With our biggest milk drinker out of the house, one gallon would be plenty.  I had always been able to convince myself that his departure was way in the future.  Suddenly, it was imminent.

Realization #2: Coming clean

Our washing machine has annoyed me for several years because water level sensor is set incorrectly.  I end up pouring in additional water myself sometimes.  Recently it’s developed two more problems.  The cold water fills VERY slowly, and the agitator barely moves.   After disconnecting the hoses and peering at the agitator my husband announced that this old washer (How old?  We don’t know…It came with the house.) should be retired and we should get a new one.washingmachine

Alas, buying a washing machine is not just about buying a washing machine.  Of course I have to consider standard stuff like size, cost, manufacturer, and options.  But I also ponder the possibility that at some point during the life expectancy of this new appliance I may have more mobility issues, in which case a front loader might be the way to go.  But I’m just superstitious enough to wonder if I would be jinxing myself by buying the front loader.  So I’m in a quandary.



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