Follow-up to: A Post About Nothing

18 08 2009

In fact, I do have some thoughts about cleaning the cat’s litter box.  But first I must explain the quest I’ve had for the past, oh, maybe fifteen years.

The February issue of magazines tend to be a little, well, skimpy.  After pulling out all the stops for Christmas and New Year’s, having never really recovered from back-to-school, autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, the staff must be totally spent.  Because when February issues arrive they’re usually very thin.  An article on Valentine’s Day and that’s about it.  So it was that, many years ago, I read about Valentine’s Day activities in Family Fun magazine, and after they’d covered various arts and crafts projects and maybe a game or two, they mentioned looking for heart-shaped rocks.  An interesting challenge.  Because I have kept my eyes open in all the ensuing time and never found what I considered to be a passable heart-shaped rock.  I’m not going to go to my grave regretting it.  It’s just a little disappointing.

But, in a way, I did discover  a consolation prize. It wasn’t even in my cat’s litter box.  I’m taking care of a neighbor’s cat.  And there it was, when I went to clean out the box.  A heart-shaped clump of kitty litter.  It’s not really the kind of thing you would save.  Or even take a picture of (though if I’d had the camera with me, I might have.)  But for one brief moment, I saw it and pondered my good fortune.



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